Electrical Panel Replacements in Richmond, VA

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Your electrical panel acts as the heart of your electrical system, receiving the main power coming into your house and distributing the electric current to the different circuits on your property. If this panel begins to malfunction, you may experience a host of issues — varying from power outages to house fires. For this reason, it’s crucial to schedule electrical services as soon as you notice problems with the electric panel.


When you schedule an electric panel replacement appointment, you can expect a trusted electrician to show up at your door on time. Whether you need a new electrical panel to handle the power demands of your household or because the panel is outdated, we will work quickly and efficiently to get you situated with an updated panel. We work on panel replacements in Richmond, VA, and the following areas:

  • Henrico

  • Chesterfield

  • Midlothian

  • Glen Allen

  • Hanover

  • Mechanicsville

  • Ashland

  • Sandston

  • Petersburg

  • Goochland

  • Chester

  • Moseley

Is It Time for an Electric Panel Replacement?

How do you know the electrical issues you are experiencing are caused by a malfunctioning circuit breaker rather than a wiring or outlet issue? Several signs indicate it’s time for electrical panel replacements, but the most obvious one is the age of your panel. Older homes often have panels with only 100 amps or less, which do not support appliances and electrical systems requiring 200 amp panels. If you have an old panel for your home, you may have multiple appliances on one breaker, leading to electrical overload, inefficiency, and safety hazards. It’s important to upgrade outdated panels as soon as you realize the panel no longer supports your household’s power demands.


Other commons signs that indicate you need panel replacements for your Richmond, VA, home include:


  • Flickering lights when appliances are turned on

  • Frequent power outages

  • New appliances installed

  • Additions to your home

  • Additional outlets and switches installed

  • Breakers tripping frequently

  • Panel crackles or sizzles

  • Burning smell coming from the electrical panel

  • Scorch marks or rust on the panel


If you notice any of these issues, you should schedule replacement electrical panel services as soon as possible. Upgrading your panel can not only protect your family but also prevent damage to your fixtures and appliances.

Our Process for Electrical Panel Upgrades in Richmond, VA

Electrical panels are complex systems, making it difficult to pinpoint the root of the problem you noticed. Our electricians are experienced in a number of electric panel issues and will be able to determine if your panel should be repaired or replaced. Upon arrival, they will thoroughly inspect your current panel before recommending electrical panel replacements.


Once we determine a panel replacement is the only course of action, our team will shut off the power to your house. Then, we will label each wire to guarantee installation moves forward smoothly and correctly. From here, we will perform the following steps:


  • Remove all the breakers and detach the ground line from the current panel

  • Disconnect the main breaker

  • Remove the existing electric panel

  • Thread the wires through the new panel and attach them to their corresponding breakers


Once we complete the installation, we will turn the power back on and test the updated panel to ensure it is working properly. After everything is up and running, we will clean up the area we worked in, returning it to a state like we were never there. When you choose our team for your panel replacements in Richmond, VA, you can expect care and service that minimizes the disruption to your life.

Areas We Serve

When it comes to preventing house fires, you need to maintain your electrical system properly. One way to do this is by frequently inspecting your electrical panel. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We are proud to perform panel replacements for residents in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding communities, including Henrico, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Glen Allen, Hanover, Mechanicsville, Ashland, Sandston, Petersburg, Goochland, Chester, and Moseley.

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Whether your lights will not stop flickering or your breakers keep tripping, you can depend on Connect Electric for reliable panel replacements throughout the Richmond, VA, area. Our team is licensed and insured, which guarantees you are protected and will receive the highest quality service. For more information about our electric panel replacement services, contact our professionals today.


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